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Referral Link

Referred job candidates are the preferred job candidates, right?

Referral Link

Referral Link helps you find more qualified, referred candidates, more quickly with minimal interruption of your employees’ work day. Referral Link uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to comb public sources to discover information about people that other HR solutions can’t find, simply by asking your employees to opt-in to the program. Referral Link finds your employees’ contacts whose skills match your company’s open positions. Those matched contacts are delivered to the employees via email. With a click of their mouse employees can refer the selected contacts to your recruiting team. Quick, easy and efficient. Oh, and you will realize significant cost and time savings too.

The Referral Link advantage:

  • Significant time and cost savings compared to traditional recruiting methods
  • Increase volume of qualified, referred candidates and decrease clutter of unqualified candidates
  • Dramatically increase employee participation in your Employee Referral Program

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