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Innotrieve Products and Solutions


Innotrieve specializes in advanced data solutions that can drive your business



One example is our applicant assessment tool set. See how your applicants compare to each other and how they compare to others who hold similar jobs




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What is Referral Link?

Customer Testimonial

"As the Director of Talent for The Spitfire Group, I recognize having good people to work with is essential for a successful team. In the middle of project timelines, my team doesn't have much time to find referrals for our positions. We’re using Referral Link as a quick and simple way for everyone to send referrals for our open positions."

Amanda Ericson, Director of Talent, The Spitfire Group

Partner Testimonial

"They’re really homing in on the biggest challenge in recruiting, which is finding those really scarce skills. I think it’s incredibly important for companies to use the best tools out there for those pivotal positions that can move a company forward."

Kara Yarnot, Founder & President, Meritage Talent Solutions

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