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AI and HR

Innotrieve specializes in creating software to help corporations manage HR Data. There are multiple challenges working with human resources data that require advanced techniques.

The Two Main Challenges

Data is often noisy and unstructured (think online job postings) and must be properly extracted before it can be accurately analyzed. For example, a job title may be clearly listed on the top of one job posting while a simple paragraph without clear headings may include the same job title in the body of another job posting. Our tools help us extract the information in that paragraph so that it can be understood in the same way as a job posting that includes a distinct job title heading.

Different sources often use different terminologies and formats to refer to the same job skill. For example, one person may list his skill as “software development”, while another person may list that same skill as “computer programming.”

Innotrieve is Unique

Innotrieve’s proprietary smart search and match tools, created by our partner firm InferLink Corporation, use statistical reasoning to determine whether two entities are the same. Our matching algorithm evaluates, for example, whether “computer programming” and “software development” are most likely to be the same skill. This process differs significantly from the current industry standard, which is to create a set of rules that may or may not be correct and scalable.

Ultimately, the goal of Innotrieve’s tools is to deliver high value human resources information that can be used to drive revenue or reduce operational burdens.