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Holiday Weekends & Work Productivity

By: Casey Siewert Friday May 23, 2014 comments Tags: Employee Engagement

Holiday Weekends & Work Productivity

Are you still working today? Most of you have already probably left the office, but for those of you still sitting at your desk: how productive are you right now? I bet most of you are thinking about all the things you can squeeze into your long weekend. Most of us are -- don't feel bad about it, unless of course you have some deadlines looming. Since your attention span is probably comparable to that of a gnat right now, here are two of our favorite tips on leveraging your Friday-before-a-holiday-weekend to make your... Read More

Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

By: Casey Siewert Wednesday March 5, 2014 comments Tags: Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Recruiting

What is Employee Engagement, and why does it matter to my organization? It is the heartbeat of your organization. It's ensuring your employees care about the outcome of their work. Not just for the bottom-line, but to contribute to something bigger, and to have a purpose in their work. It's making sure your top talent doesn't leave and go to your competition. It's the reason your top talent wants to refer their top-talent friends to work with them. Think it's not a big deal? You might be right. Then again, you might not... Read More