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What Trashy Data Means for HR

By: Jerry Thurber Wednesday August 6, 2014 comments Tags: Big Data Recruiting, hr innovation, hr trends and ideas, recruiting trends

What Trashy Data Means for HR

You want to know how the economy is doing, track trashy facts.  I flipped on the radio to  Marketplace  from American Public Media and heard an archived story about tracking trash. This guy was explaining that when he was a graduate student he was studying anthropology. One thing he learned was that you can find out a lot about societies by studying their trash.  What he didn't know at the time was that he would later in life discover a correlation between the volume of trash and the strength of the economy. When the economy is going strong... Read More

Can HR Be Innovation Revolutionaries?

By: Jerry Thurber Tuesday July 15, 2014 comments Tags: hr innovation, hr trends and ideas, recruiting trends

Can HR Be Innovation Revolutionaries?

Human Resources is not traditionally thought of as a hot bed of innovation. Most HR people are steady, thoughtful and deliberate. Good thing too - who would want HR to be a "risk taking" group. But in my opinion this is exactly where the next decade of innovation has to come from. The way people (employees if you must) interact with the company they work for is rapidly changing. Traditional concepts around career growth, employee engagement, recruiting, screening and retention are all changing rapidly. The relationship that kids in high... Read More

Referring a Current Employee Can Make Sense

By: Jerry Thurber Tuesday May 20, 2014 comments Tags: Employee Referrals, recruiting trends

I think the guy I go to lunch with everyday really would be great as a business analyst in the IT department but I don't think anyone over there takes it seriously when he applies for a job. I want to formally refer him next time they have an opening. We've been having an interesting dialog with some of our customers about whether or not they would include current employees in their referral programs. Our application, Referral Link, automatically searches an employee's network and prompts them about potential candidates they could refer.... Read More

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Helps Recruiting

By: Jerry Thurber Thursday April 10, 2014 comments Tags: hr innovation, recruiting trends

There are a lot of new trends in HR around data: Big Data, Social Data, Data Analytics. But one area that is gaining ground is the use of Artificial Intelligence in support of HR. (of course many may argue that those of us in the HR products world have always been artificially intelligent - but I won't go there). What I want to discuss briefly here is 5 key ways that Artificial Intelligence can be used to improve the processes of recruiting: finding the right talent quickly. Goes Beyond Key Words : most search and discovery solutions... Read More