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Do you post "I'm Hiring!" on LinkedIn?

By: Casey Siewert Tuesday April 15, 2014 comments Tags: Hiring, Human Resources, Networking, Recruiting, Sourcing

Do you post

Are you a recruiter that tries to get great candidates from posting a generic "I'm Hiring for a [job title]" on LinkedIn? Okay, we heard you. Is that all you have to say? Am I supposed to just send over anyone I know that might qualify for the job? Why would I do that? Just because I'm your friend or because I'm connected to you? Probably not. If I see your "I'm Hiring" post on LinkedIn, I breeze right by and move down to someone who is posting some interesting, relevant content that I want to read. Am I the only person that... Read More

What is Human Resources Worried About?

By: Casey Siewert Thursday February 20, 2014 comments Tags: Company Culture, Documentation, Employee Referrals, Hiring, Human Resources, On-boarding

What is Human Resources Worried About?

Every Human Resources organization is different, but in my experience I can tell you that  HR usually worries about a mix of these 4 things: Creating a Great Culture Leadership Development Employee On-boarding Documentation Culture - this is always an interesting one for me. HR is usually tasked with making sure the organization has a great culture. How does this happen? Well it starts with hiring the right people .  After that, culture is usually developed through training, leadership approach, promotional... Read More

Best Responses to the "Tell Me a Joke..." Interview Question:

By: Casey Siewert Tuesday January 7, 2014 comments Tags: Hiring, job interviews, Recruiting

Best Responses to the

Have you ever been asked in an interview to tell a joke? This could pose to be a real problem if you don't have a clean, non-offensive joke in your back pocket. In fact, whether you've been asked this in an interview or not, its always a good idea to have a clean, non-offensive joke in your back pocket. Here are some great ones that we found: " Two antennas met on a roof . They fell in love and got married. The wedding wasn't much, but the reception was great." "A woman proudly told her friend, 'I'm responsible for making my... Read More

Will you Find Your Next Hire Using "Social Evidence"?

By: Jerry Thurber Thursday December 19, 2013 comments Tags: Big Data, Hiring, Human Resources, Recruiting, Referral Link, Social Evidence

Do really talented people spend time on the internet? There is evidence that they do. So if these really smart people are out there leaving an electronic footprint - can you use it to find them when you need them? Can this information be used to find contractors, consultants and your next great new-hire? Linked In is betting you can. So is Facebook and... That is the idea behind Social Evidence based recruiting. Jamey Jeff the co-founder of  Remarkable Hire  wrote in a blog post entitled  What is Social Evidence? How it will... Read More