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What is Human Resources Worried About?

By: Casey Siewert Thursday February 20, 2014 comments Tags: Company Culture, Documentation, Employee Referrals, Hiring, Human Resources, On-boarding

What is Human Resources Worried About?

Every Human Resources organization is different, but in my experience I can tell you that  HR usually worries about a mix of these 4 things: Creating a Great Culture Leadership Development Employee On-boarding Documentation Culture - this is always an interesting one for me. HR is usually tasked with making sure the organization has a great culture. How does this happen? Well it starts with hiring the right people .  After that, culture is usually developed through training, leadership approach, promotional... Read More

Bring Home the Recruiting Gold For Your Team

By: Doug Hay Wednesday February 19, 2014 comments

Bob Costas is a hero of mine.  I love baseball and Bob is all about baseball history so his infected eye that has kept him from continuing his Ripkenesque streak of hosting the Olympics, has me a bit bummed.  But I have still watched my share of the Sochi games the last few weeks. I am always amazed at the way in which athletes from smaller, less well subsidized countries find a way to compete against the superpowers.  Malta, the Cayman Islands and the Philippines all have athletes in the Winter Games! I'd love to be able to see what... Read More

Will you Find Your Next Hire Using Social Evidence

By: Jerry Thurber Thursday February 13, 2014 comments

Do really talented people spend time on the internet? There is evidence that they do. So if these really smart people are out there leaving an electronic footprint - can you use it to find them when you need them? Can this information be used to find contractors, consultants and your next great new-hire? Linked In is betting you can So is Facebook and...... That is the idea behind Social Evidence based recruiting. Jamey Jeff the co-founder of  Remarkable Hire  wrote in a blog post entitled  What is Social Evidence? How it will... Read More

Iced Out? Work From Home!

By: Casey Siewert Tuesday February 11, 2014 comments

Iced Out? Work From Home!

Georgia and the Carolinas will be getting major ice and snow  for the second time this winter, and I can only hope that some companies are allowing their employees to work from home. There is no doubt that the decision to allow employees to work from home doesn't come lightly. While there is no doubt that there are certain advantages to being physically in the offic e , there are also some real advantages to allowing individuals to work from home. I find it refreshing that among the Top 7 Companies that allow remote... Read More

Referral Link: The Pretzel To Your Beer

By: Doug Hay Thursday February 6, 2014 comments

We're located in Fort Collins, CO., which is fast becoming the microbrew capital of the universe with 8 microbreweries within a 15 minute bike ride of my home.  We're also a tiny Silicon Valley with 7 of the top 10 employers hailing from the high tech space.  The recruitment challenges each of these industries face are as different as an Oatmeal Stout and a Saison. Our Referral Link solution , however, is like a pretzel, it complements either. The challenge recruiters in the microbrew industry face is that everyone and their... Read More

Build Something That Matters: 8 Things that Drive Our Business

By: Jerry Thurber Tuesday February 4, 2014 comments Tags: hr innovation, hr trends and ideas

When you listen to venture capitalists, investors and budding investment hopefuls they use the term Lifestyle Business as though it was a 17 th  century plague to be avoided at all costs. Well - maybe it is, (from the investor's point of view) but that discussion feels like bell-bottom pants and a tie-dye shirt at a Republican Convention: Out of place and dated. People run businesses for all kinds of reasons these days. In my experience most are motivated to do something that matters and to do it in a way that creates value for... Read More

I'd Hire Peyton Manning

By: Casey Siewert Friday January 31, 2014 comments

Superbowl XLVIII (or Superbowl 48 for those that hate Roman Numerals) is this weekend, and I would be lying if I said we'd be indifferent to who the winner will be. We live in Broncos Country here in Colorado, and we're pretty excited about the game this weekend. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know: enough about Peyton Manning. Sorry I'm not sorry. I urge you, if you don't want to hear anymore about him, don't read past this sentence. However, if you are Peyton fans like we are, we hope you'll enjoy this fun post. I can't speak for everyone here... Read More

Quantifying The Benefits of Employee Referral Linking Solutions

By: Doug Hay Tuesday January 28, 2014 comments

Quantifying The Benefits of Employee Referral Linking Solutions

In an effort to illustrate the many benefits of our Referral Link solution, I asked two of my recruiter friends who recruit for small and mid-size businesses (SMB) to log their time spent posting and filling one open position within their companies. I also asked them to list the tasks they perform in the process. Here is a compilation of the data they shared.  My comments are italicized. Tasks involved in posting a position: Review, comment on and proof 2 versions of draft job description (already written by someone... Read More

Quick Study Finds 3 Reasons Employees Won't Refer

By: Jerry Thurber Thursday January 23, 2014 comments

As part of our Lean Start Up process we conducted an experiment with 178 employees to find out how they would react to a new employee referral program . 42 signed up. That is 23.6%. Not bad, but also not anywhere good enough. We wanted to know why more did not participate. Before we started this experiment we did a little researching of our own to find out what to expect. How many employees usually participate in referral programs? I had a hard time finding a study that focused specifically on that, but the number seems rather small. Less... Read More

Free Publicity. Chopping Superfluous Job Descriptions. Internal Branding. Job Fairs. University Contacts.

By: Casey Siewert Tuesday January 21, 2014 comments Tags: Job Descriptions, Networking, Recruiting, Referral Link

Free Publicity. Chopping Superfluous Job Descriptions. Internal Branding. Job Fairs. University Contacts.

These are some of the key points from last Thursday's " Where Oh Where Have All the Candidates Gone ?" workshop, sponsored by the Larimer County Workforce Center and presented by Carrie Pinsky . In attendance were a handful of HR Professionals and Recruiters from local companies, who were all faced with their own unique sourcing challenges. From how to handle employee referrals without giving too much preferential treatment, to building candidate pipelines and even where to find entry-level candidates. Carrie presented a few ideas... Read More