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Part IV Emotional Intelligence Tests: Why you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket

By: mprinz Friday March 4, 2016 comments

Last week on an Antiques Roadshow rerun, a guest explained how she found an egg while flipping through an auction catalog. Unable to attend the event in person, she phoned in a bid and to her disappointment, lost. She had a bunch of books on antiques and thought the hallmarks looked real - a Faberg could fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars. Her husband suggested she call the auctioneer to see if she could buy it from the buyer. The buyer, experiencing buyers remorse, let her have it for what he paid, $15,000. It was a replica. The problem:... Read More

Part III: Exercising EI in Positions of Power

By: mprinz Friday February 26, 2016 comments

Part III: Exercising EI in Positions of Power

Super Tuesday is almost here. After months of observing candidate frontrunners (sometimes on purpose, and other times subjected) its not their ideas and opinions I began to focus on. It was their behavior and the specific words and actions they used to communicate their views to the public and one another. We discussed the logic and holes in using EI (Emotional Intelligence) tests throughout the employment process in Part I and Part II . The idea being those with high EQs (Emotional Quotients) were typically top-performers the kind of... Read More

The Problem With Emotional Intelligence Testing (EI Part 2)

By: mprinz Wednesday February 17, 2016 comments

The Problem With Emotional Intelligence Testing (EI Part 2)

Ever toss spaghetti at the wall to see if its cooked? Using Emotional Intelligence (EI) testing in the employment process can be like that. Theres a lot to consider including which type, what for (pre-hire or promotion) and how much. Sometim es, the noodle test isnt reliable though - lasagna doesnt stick at all. As we saw in Part I , those with high EQs ( Emotional Quotients ) had a propensity to lead with conviction, were resilient in the face of adversity, and were found to be more engaged and committed which resulted in increased... Read More

Part I –Emotional Intelligence Testing in Recruiting

By: mprinz Thursday February 11, 2016 comments

A pool of candidates is a lot like a box of chocolates you never know who youre going to get even after youve checked-out resumes and validated credentials. You hope by looking over each one, trusting experience and your gut, youll pick out the good from the bad. Besides, when in doubt, theres always flipping a coin. But that didnt work out too well at the Iowa caucuses. How do you determine if someone will be good (i.e. stable, reliable, productive) before you bring him or her in? More and more companies are looking to Emotional... Read More

2016 The Year of Monkey Business

By: mprinz Friday February 5, 2016 comments

The Chinese have used the lunar calendar hand-in-hand with the zodiac to predict and align successful partnerships in both love and commerce for at least 2600 years. They believe the sign youre born under includes prophetic outliers that provide insight into whether or not youd be a good match to a person or company based on your temperament - as defined by the laws of the planets. Which fortunately or unfortunately for you, is predetermined by the day, month and year of your birth - right down to the very minute. Something you can do... Read More

Can the Marriage of Watson and Amelia Produce the Perfect HR Robot?

By: Jerry Thurber Friday January 29, 2016 comments Tags: AI and HR

Once conceived as a metal humanoid complete with retractable arms, blinking lights and a synthesized voice, a robot made no attempt to hide what it was: a man-made machine programmed to perform a specific set of functions and tasks. It served a purpose, to serve the human. It absorbed, amalgamated and analyzed large amounts of data. It took the danger out of jobs and kept everyone safe. It had no need to compete with humans or harm them -except to eliminate the occasional villain of course. The concept of using artificial intelligence in... Read More

From Space Cadet to HR Data Miner in Two Decades!

By: Jerry Thurber Thursday January 21, 2016 comments

Are we on the verge of Self-Driving HR? Or maybe an HR Uber is in our future. If Id told my wife in 1996 I was going to be an HR data analytics innovator someday she would have called me a space cadet. One of the things my family used to like to do while sitting down at dinner was play a game where we all speculated about how different the world would be in 20 years. Most of it was pretty fantastical, but not all. Back then the evolution of technical skills hadnt changed much from the 1970s. Back then technology was still about automating... Read More

Do Recruiters (or Hiring Managers) Get the New career Path

By: Jerry Thurber Monday November 23, 2015 comments

A fellow named Sir Ken Robinson who is famous for a TED talk about how schools kill creativity said in a recent Fast Company article the following: Its important to note, that there just isnt a straight line between what you do at school and what you go on to do in your career. I argue that it is like being in the ocean. You keep correcting your course according to the things that happen to you. But companies force us to write resumes as though it were a plan. He goes on later to say that companies need people who can think differently... Read More

A Stock Market of Labor Resources?

By: Jerry Thurber Tuesday November 10, 2015 comments

The way labor moves about from one job to the next and the way companies find, recruit and hire labor is the technological equivalent of buying pork bellies in the slaughter yards 100 years ago. Wingham Rowan, the founder of a British company called Slivers-of-Time recently spoke of A New Kind of Job Market at TED in London. In this talk he asked what would happen if stocks and bonds were traded by a person who got up each morning, outlined the key requirements she needed, posted it on several websites, then waited patiently for someone... Read More

Four Practical Ways Data Science Can Help HR

By: Jerry Thurber Thursday October 22, 2015 comments

Most human resource professionals did not spend their school days geeking out with technology and probably get a knot in the stomach when someone starts to talk about using advanced data science techniques like artificial intelligence in HR or big data solutions for HR or predictive analytics in HR. If you are one of those who dives for the smart-phone when the tech guys come in to give an update at the managers meeting here are some basic simple thoughts about how advanced technologies can help human resources: Smarter Skill Matching:... Read More