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Wearable Technology in Business: Friend or Foe for HR?

By: mprinz Monday August 8, 2016 comments

Wearable Technology in Business: Friend or Foe for HR?

Step aside Teflon trousers and spill-resistant dresses. Wearable technology is gaining acceptance as more consumers purchase clothing and products designed to help them stay clean, fit and better informed. There are smartshirts and smartbras and smartwatches to track biometric data including heart rate, stamina, fatigue level and a whole lot more. Last year, according to an online survey by Forrester, 20% of Americans use wearable technology. By 2017, that number is expected to double. And the list of new smartproducts, their capabilities... Read More

Corporate Social Responsibility: A Pint for a Pint

By: mprinz Thursday June 23, 2016 comments

A couple of weeks ago, four new elements were added to the Periodic Table . The one I have, under glass below my elbows on the tabletop I type, was outdated. With a red Sharpie, I filled it in this morning and in doing so, noticed number 26 Fe Iron. For some reason it got me thinking about blood. In case you missed it, every year on June 14 th its World Blood Donor Day. Every day should be World Blood Donor Day. People need life-saving transfusions more than once a year. I dont normally endorse things - Disney, bottle rockets or... Read More

How Hemingway, Crystal and a Fox Can Help You Communicate Better

By: mprinz Friday June 10, 2016 comments

Do you sometimes sound like a jerk? Are your emails rambling, confrontational, demanding or insensitive? Have you ever gasped in horror rereading the memo YOU just sent only to realize what you should have said didnt come out the way it should have? In Orwells dystopian novel 1984, written years before its time, spin-doctor Winston was chartered to rewrite history. Leaving the details out because you probably already know them, words can shape thought - and wrong words can be deadly . Rarely do you get second opportunities to explain your... Read More

Say What? Every Employee Should Have A Personal Assistant

By: mprinz Wednesday May 25, 2016 comments

On any given day, I bet you can think of 99 things youd rather do than arrange a conference call, meeting or lunch appointment especially for a bunch of people. Its even more frustrating when scheduling conflicts follow post-plan. Then the nightmare starts all over again. Precious time is wasted nailing down the perfect time for everyone involved. Its irritating. Dennis Mortensen felt the pain too, and did something about it. He created Amy and Andrew Ingram artificial intelligence (AI) chat-bots. For most of us, it wasnt feasible to... Read More

Sweet, Sour or Spicy in the Recruitment Selection Process

By: mprinz Tuesday May 17, 2016 comments

The future of interviewing could depend upon which snack your candidate chooses and how much they drool. For years, employers have searched for the answers: What makes a great employee? How do you know if a candidate is empathetic or merciless, outgoing or introverted? How do you know if theyll fit the position youre looking to fill? As humans, we tend to over complicatethings. Sure there are online personality tests and empathy and job-fit and more. The problem with each lies in their subjectivity. Its not that difficult for a desperate... Read More

The Search to Hire Smarter – Is there a Missing Link?

By: mprinz Sunday May 1, 2016 comments

The first evidence of commerce dates back to the Stone Age with the trading of obsidian and flint. Someone discovered rocks had value and acquired help to unearth, move and market them. The first manager probably clutched a club while directing where to dig and where to drag. Whats impressive: this happened about 8,000 years before the wheel made its debut. That someone then communicated the value of the stones to others from afar and shortly thereafter a trade route grew. Even back then, there had to be a mutually beneficial reason... Read More

Machine Learning Robots: Smart and Pissed with a Purpose

By: mprinz Friday April 8, 2016 comments

Its old news now. Youve probably heard about the robot-gone-rogue Tay and her hate-filled responses. Created to grow like a baby, she was supposed to learn and mature with each human interaction getting smarter as the hours grew longer. Something went awry though. She was killed 24 hours after being introduced to the world as a chatbot with zero chill who targeted 18 24 year olds in playful conversation over several social sites like Twitter. To be clear, zero chill is a catch phrase for recklessness . The blame for her offensive... Read More

Culture Fit vs. Core Values and Purpose (#4)

By: mprinz Friday March 25, 2016 comments

Theres 168 hours in a week. According to the US Department of Labors Bureau of Labor Statistics , the average US worker spends 28% of this time on the clock. Ignoring Coulombs Law for a minute, it makes sense to hire those who are like-minded. People who share common interests, principles and passions will likely play well together. The root of this stems from a Maslow-defined basic human need: the need to belong and to be accepted. Its ingrained in schools, politics, religions and cults and now its a hot topic in HR. The downside of... Read More

Culture Fit and Artificial Intelligence In HR

By: mprinz Monday March 21, 2016 comments

A Closer Look: Can culture fit and personality be accurately determined by analyzing a persons digital footprint? Several companies in cyberspace scour the Web looking for digital trails left behind by users. It makes sense (only 15% of people in the US dont bother with the Internet). Careersunbound is one of those companies. They collect data from various social media platforms and reformat findings into a detailed report about a person personality, culture-fit, profiling stuff. The belief is that these e-footprints provide... Read More

Culture Fit and Coulomb’s Law

By: mprinz Friday March 11, 2016 comments

Have you ever known two people who were similar in nature but couldnt get along? Theres a name for that, Coulombs Law . To put it simply: likes repel, opposites attract. Interestingly enough, the common practice in HR is to filter in the likes those who fit the culture. So what is culture fit? Its the collective work environment including the atmosphere, philosophies, ideals, ideas and actions of a business and its workers. Think of it as the shared make-up of a company. By determining culture fit in theory, employees will thrive, get... Read More