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Say What? Every Employee Should Have A Personal Assistant

By: mprinz Wednesday May 25, 2016 comments

On any given day, I bet you can think of 99 things youd rather do than arrange a conference call, meeting or lunch appointment especially for a bunch of people. Its even more frustrating when scheduling conflicts follow post-plan. Then the nightmare starts all over again. Precious time is wasted nailing down the perfect time for everyone involved. Its irritating. Dennis Mortensen felt the pain too, and did something about it. He created Amy and Andrew Ingram artificial intelligence (AI) chat-bots. For most of us, it wasnt feasible to... Read More

From Space Cadet to HR Data Miner in Two Decades!

By: Jerry Thurber Thursday January 21, 2016 comments

Are we on the verge of Self-Driving HR? Or maybe an HR Uber is in our future. If Id told my wife in 1996 I was going to be an HR data analytics innovator someday she would have called me a space cadet. One of the things my family used to like to do while sitting down at dinner was play a game where we all speculated about how different the world would be in 20 years. Most of it was pretty fantastical, but not all. Back then the evolution of technical skills hadnt changed much from the 1970s. Back then technology was still about automating... Read More

Do Recruiters (or Hiring Managers) Get the New career Path

By: Jerry Thurber Monday November 23, 2015 comments

A fellow named Sir Ken Robinson who is famous for a TED talk about how schools kill creativity said in a recent Fast Company article the following: Its important to note, that there just isnt a straight line between what you do at school and what you go on to do in your career. I argue that it is like being in the ocean. You keep correcting your course according to the things that happen to you. But companies force us to write resumes as though it were a plan. He goes on later to say that companies need people who can think differently... Read More

A Stock Market of Labor Resources?

By: Jerry Thurber Tuesday November 10, 2015 comments

The way labor moves about from one job to the next and the way companies find, recruit and hire labor is the technological equivalent of buying pork bellies in the slaughter yards 100 years ago. Wingham Rowan, the founder of a British company called Slivers-of-Time recently spoke of A New Kind of Job Market at TED in London. In this talk he asked what would happen if stocks and bonds were traded by a person who got up each morning, outlined the key requirements she needed, posted it on several websites, then waited patiently for someone... Read More

Four Practical Ways Data Science Can Help HR

By: Jerry Thurber Thursday October 22, 2015 comments

Most human resource professionals did not spend their school days geeking out with technology and probably get a knot in the stomach when someone starts to talk about using advanced data science techniques like artificial intelligence in HR or big data solutions for HR or predictive analytics in HR. If you are one of those who dives for the smart-phone when the tech guys come in to give an update at the managers meeting here are some basic simple thoughts about how advanced technologies can help human resources: Smarter Skill Matching:... Read More

The Skeptical HR Leader

By: Jerry Thurber Thursday May 14, 2015 comments

I am doing my job quite well; thank you. I work from dawn to dusk. And if I feel I cant get ahead I am good enough, I trust. I am an HR leader. And I do my job quite well. I hear of new technology. But Ive been burned before. I still feel the pain Of the last big project we bore. So whats all this I hear: Big data, artificial intelligence and social HR? Ive heard it all before. Risk will tarnish my star. Too much magic sauce Promised for HR gain. So what if I dont have time Change isnt worth... Read More

Persistence in HR: Persist Through The C.R.A.P.

Thursday January 29, 2015 comments

If you are out to start a new business or try a new product idea within a large company, it often feels like everything and everyone is out to stop you. Youaren'tparanoid: they are. Persistence is probably the most important element of success (as long as you can afford it). Richard St John gave a TED Talk which he entitled: Secretes of Success in 8 Words . In this presentation he discusses what he thinks are 8 concepts that drive success. You can watch it, its good, and it is only 3 minutes long so it wont take up... Read More

6 HR Trends on Their Way Out for 2015:

Wednesday January 7, 2015 comments

6 HR Trends on Their Way Out for 2015: 2015 will be seen as a pivotal year in the death of an old paradigm in human resources and the beginning of the new paradigm: The New Employee Economy . As with most major shifts, this wont happen overnight (and many will think itdidn'thappen at all) but it will. While there are many changes that will happen, here is my list of 6 Things that were (still) in during 2014, but will be on their way out in 2015: Things that are out Things that will be in ... Read More

Change and the Death of the Chocolate Santa Claus

By: Jerry Thurber Tuesday December 16, 2014 comments Tags: HR Humor

Change and the Death of the Chocolate Santa Claus

The chocolate Santa Claus first poked his head out of my stocking in 1965. All you could see was that shiny, silvery red head just above those glinty Santa eyes. Hes appeared in my stocking every year since then. Thats 48 years of Santa heads peering out at me. There wont be one there this year. My family informed me that it is a waste of time, we already have too many sweets around the house during the holidays that are a lot better. (I am willing to concede the second half of this argument but, REALLY, I did not know there was such a thing... Read More

Use Structured Chaos for Creating Great HR Products

Thursday December 4, 2014 comments

We are heading into our second year of our new business Innotrieve . Our first product, Referral Link , uses advanced matching science to automatically find great candidates in employees networks. Its pretty cool. We dont rest on a single great product though, were working on bringing more great products to market. So how do you approach that? With Structured Chaos, of course. The process of discovery has lots of pundits explaining the best way to innovate. Some say it is a structured process of trial and error, some say it comes from... Read More