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Do Recruiters (or Hiring Managers) Get the New career Path

By: Jerry Thurber Monday November 23, 2015 comments

A fellow named Sir Ken Robinson who is famous for a TED talk about how schools kill creativity said in a recent Fast Company article the following: Its important to note, that there just isnt a straight line between what you do at school and what you go on to do in your career. I argue that it is like being in the ocean. You keep correcting your course according to the things that happen to you. But companies force us to write resumes as though it were a plan. He goes on later to say that companies need people who can think differently... Read More

A Stock Market of Labor Resources?

By: Jerry Thurber Tuesday November 10, 2015 comments

The way labor moves about from one job to the next and the way companies find, recruit and hire labor is the technological equivalent of buying pork bellies in the slaughter yards 100 years ago. Wingham Rowan, the founder of a British company called Slivers-of-Time recently spoke of A New Kind of Job Market at TED in London. In this talk he asked what would happen if stocks and bonds were traded by a person who got up each morning, outlined the key requirements she needed, posted it on several websites, then waited patiently for someone... Read More

Sourcing = Trick or Treating

By: Casey Siewert Friday October 31, 2014 comments Tags: Employee Referrals, Sourcing

Sourcing = Trick or Treating

When you were younger, likely you joined the rest of the neighborhood kids by trick-or-treating on Halloween. Once you got a bit older, you knew which houses had the best candy, and which ones handed out FULL-SIZED CANDY BARS , and then those that handed out toothbrushes in lieu of candy. However, in all my memories of trick-or-treating, I still went to every housebecause, even though I knew that certain houses were known to hand out toothbrushes, I loved looking at the great mixture that I had accumulated at the end of the night. ... Read More

Who Are You Connected To? It Might Get You Hired

By: Jerry Thurber Wednesday October 29, 2014 comments Tags: hr innovation, hr trends and ideas, social HR

In the not too distant future, will people hire you based on the strength of your connections in Linked In and other social and professional networks? Is it happening today? Should it ever happen? Hire me I know HR Margo! (With all apologies to Margo for admitting that we are connected on Twitter) There is a constant struggle to find high-performers in any organization. Companies have tried all sorts of things to figure out how to beat dumb luck as the best way to find that special person who is able to contribute more than any of... Read More