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Referral Link: The Sourcing Efficiency Tool

By: Doug Hay Friday April 4, 2014 comments

As a recruiter you are always sourcing- looking for qualified candidates for open positions and for those positions that come open frequently. This task can be time consuming - one recruiter I spoke with called it a "time sucker".  Yet it is an integral part of finding the best candidate for the job. Sourcing is also a barrier to meeting the always important "time to fill "metric. In an effort to be meet or exceed your "time to fill" metric and be as quick and efficient as possible, your sourcing efforts are often focused on a group of... Read More

Can I Refer My Co-worker?

By: Jerry Thurber Friday March 28, 2014 comments Tags: Employee Referrals

I think the guy I go to lunch with everyday really would be great as a business analyst in the IT department but I don't think anyone over there takes it seriously when he applies for a job. I want to formally refer him next time they have an opening. We've been having an interesting dialog with some of our customers about whether or not they would include current employees in their referral programs. Our application, Referral Link , automatically searches an employee's network and prompts them about potential candidates they could refer.... Read More

Hire a Recruiter for $2.98/hour

By: Doug Hay Tuesday March 25, 2014 comments

Hire a Recruiter for $2.98/hour

What would you pay a full-time, in-house recruiter who would: Sift through each of your employees' networks. Identify every person in each employee's network who is qualified for your company's open jobs. Meet with each employee and ask them if they would recommend those qualified candidates for those open jobs. $30/hour, $20/hour, maybe $15/hour? How about $2.98/hour? With Referral Link that is possible. Referral Link uses advanced artificial intelligence search and match techniques to comb an employee's social and... Read More

Referral Link: In Pictures

By: Casey Siewert Friday March 14, 2014 comments Tags: Employee Referrals, Recruiting, Referral Link, Sourcing

Referral Link: In Pictures

When people ask us, "What is Referral Link?" we usually tell them that it's a quick way to get employee referrals for your company's open jobs, with minimal impact on your employees' work day. When they ask, "How do you do that?" we schedule a demo for them and show them the science behind what we're doing here at Innotrieve. Recently, our friends at Jet Marketing  created this very helpful info-graphic explaining 'in-a-nutshell' how Referral Link works: If you want to learn more, or you'd like to test out Referral Link at... Read More

Big Data Should Be a Big Deal For Recruiters

By: Jerry Thurber Thursday March 13, 2014 comments Tags: Big Data Recruiting

Big Data Should Be a Big Deal For Recruiters

After the movie Mo ne yball came out there were lots of blog posts about how Moneyball had lessons for HR. Essentially this was a Big Data argument. The essence of what the Moneyball process was all about was taking vast amounts of information about your people and your potential recruits and applying data analytics to see that information from new angles. The new angles allowed them to see productivity and efficiency differently than conventional wisdom had always said it should be viewed.   Take out the subject "Moneyball" and... Read More

Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

By: Casey Siewert Wednesday March 5, 2014 comments Tags: Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Recruiting

What is Employee Engagement, and why does it matter to my organization? It is the heartbeat of your organization. It's ensuring your employees care about the outcome of their work. Not just for the bottom-line, but to contribute to something bigger, and to have a purpose in their work. It's making sure your top talent doesn't leave and go to your competition. It's the reason your top talent wants to refer their top-talent friends to work with them. Think it's not a big deal? You might be right. Then again, you might not... Read More

Referral Link: Results on Employee Participation Are In

By: Doug Hay Thursday February 27, 2014 comments

We have been live with our first product, Referral Link for three months and have gathered some great data about how employees are engaging with our quick and simple employee referral tool. If you're not sure it will enhance your current recruiting efforts, here's some data that might change your mind. The average number of referrals passed on to the recruiter per participating employee was 3.65. So in a year's time that would mean each participating employee would send you 15 qualified referrals.   The fact that these are... Read More

What is Human Resources Worried About?

By: Casey Siewert Thursday February 20, 2014 comments Tags: Company Culture, Documentation, Employee Referrals, Hiring, Human Resources, On-boarding

What is Human Resources Worried About?

Every Human Resources organization is different, but in my experience I can tell you that  HR usually worries about a mix of these 4 things: Creating a Great Culture Leadership Development Employee On-boarding Documentation Culture - this is always an interesting one for me. HR is usually tasked with making sure the organization has a great culture. How does this happen? Well it starts with hiring the right people .  After that, culture is usually developed through training, leadership approach, promotional... Read More

Bring Home the Recruiting Gold For Your Team

By: Doug Hay Wednesday February 19, 2014 comments

Bob Costas is a hero of mine.  I love baseball and Bob is all about baseball history so his infected eye that has kept him from continuing his Ripkenesque streak of hosting the Olympics, has me a bit bummed.  But I have still watched my share of the Sochi games the last few weeks. I am always amazed at the way in which athletes from smaller, less well subsidized countries find a way to compete against the superpowers.  Malta, the Cayman Islands and the Philippines all have athletes in the Winter Games! I'd love to be able to see what... Read More

Will you Find Your Next Hire Using Social Evidence

By: Jerry Thurber Thursday February 13, 2014 comments

Do really talented people spend time on the internet? There is evidence that they do. So if these really smart people are out there leaving an electronic footprint - can you use it to find them when you need them? Can this information be used to find contractors, consultants and your next great new-hire? Linked In is betting you can So is Facebook and...... That is the idea behind Social Evidence based recruiting. Jamey Jeff the co-founder of  Remarkable Hire  wrote in a blog post entitled  What is Social Evidence? How it will... Read More